Multimedica Vista Hermosa

Was formed in the year 2000, with the intent of creating a facility unique to the region that offers full medical amenities and complementary support services, in addition to providing the highest level of customer care within the medical practice.

We are the most modern and innovative medical services center in Guatemala. Our 20 floor medical services and health center is integrated within a modern state of the art complex, which numbers more than 250 professionals practicing in 45 different specializations.

Our facilities include a hospital, diagnostic center, laboratory clinic, pharmacy and heliport, and are distinguished by highly qualified personnel that provide services at the forefront of technology and innovation, while conforming to the highest standards of quality.

We are centrally located within an area of Guatemala City that is conveniently accessed by a number of different entrances.

Our mission

To provide high quality medical services within the confines of a pleasant and cordial environment.

Our vision

To be the most advanced medical services provider accompanied the best technology in the region.